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Expert Witness Reports

Since 1991 I have provided Occupational Therapy reports on people who have been involved in accidents or where there is a claim for medical negligence. The reports I provide are comprehensive, detailed and unbiased. Reports comply with the recent Woolfe Reforms. I have received training to provide Single Joint Expert (SJE) reports and compiled joint OT reports.

Typical structure

All reports concentrate on an assessment of the client from an Occupational Therapist's perspective with graituitous care costs identified.

The content of a report guides the reader through the client's previous lifestyle to the present day and the client's functioning within the home is described. Items to maximise a client's function are identified together with sources of supply.

Projections for future needs are included based upon experience with the particular client group. Again, sources, capital costs, replacement schedules based on current costs are provided.

Experience to date

I have been preparing reports for various solicitors and agencies for fourteen years within the UK and have attended court to give evidence as an expert witness. Often the case has settled before progressing to full trial.

Production of reports only comprises a part of my work. I keep up to date with current practices and maintain a clinical case load by providing Occupational Therapy assessment and treatment for individuals. Since January 2000 this includes head injured clients who are Case Managed by others.

How long does it take?

A report is usually forwarded within a month of an assessment. The assessment is carried out within the Claimant's home and includes an assessment of the Claimant's past and present level of abilities and the help provided by significant carers. The assessment takes an average of four hours depending upon the complexity of the presenting problems.

A second visit may be required to clarify information, to discuss alternative solutions and problem areas but this can normally be carried out by telephone. A follow-up visit may be requested by a solicitor if substantial improvement or deterioration has occurred since the initial visit and the claim is under negotiation.

Desk-top reports

If medical reports are forwarded I can provide an advisory report outlining possible problem areas for a client together with details of equipment/adaptations that may be required and costs. This may be of particular use in lower value claims.

Intermediate Care Reports

Since 1995 I have accepted instructions from clients still in hospital recovering from major trauma. These reports provide a full assessment of level of abilities and home situation. Any additional equipment and /or adaptations to faciltate early discharge from hospital to fulfil short term needs are identified. These have been used to identify costs for an interim payment.

For some people (and injuries) temporary solutions meet any short term needs and any major alterations and options can be discussed and decided upon when function is maximised.

Fees structure

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