Independent Occupational Therapist


Assessment and Treatment


Requests for individual assessment or treatment are of various kinds. For example:

  • Individuals (or their families) experiencing difficulties managing disabling conditions.
  • Managers of Residential or Nursing Homes with residents who require further rehabilitation.
  • Managers of Residential or Nursing Homes requiring advice for their staff regarding activities to improve and maintain a persons abilities.
  • Solicitors requiring assessment of their clients early post-injury to ensure that all essential equipment is available on discharge.
  • Referrals from Case Managers to provide treatment sessions for clients.
  • Support workers of case managed clients who require advice on assisting with activities of daily living or activies to improve client's function, care routines.
  • Individual persons who require impartial advice on equipment or adaptations.
  • Assessment of individual's abilities for appeals against DLA decisions.

    Value base

    Guidelines and code of ethics laid out by the British Association of Occupational Therapists are applied as are broad principles of respect for individuals, treatment with respect, maximising and promote independence of all individuals.

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