Independent Occupational Therapist


Expert Witness Reports

These are comprehensive and describe the client's difficulties in detail or in my professional opinion may experience in the future. The reports are unbiased and comply with the recent Woolfe Reforms. They are written to help the court decide on necessary expenditure required by the client. Usually reports are provided on clients who live at home but I have visited clients who are still in hospital or on weekend leave from hospital. The aim is to identify any equipment or adaptations that may be required in the short term to facilitate discharge. An outline of future needs can be provided at this stage.

Typical structure

There are 4 main sections to my reports that cover the following areas:
  • abilities and lifestyle before the event.
  • events from the accident up to the present day. This includes any equipment/adaptations obtained or expenditure incurred as a direct result of their injuries.
  • an assessment of the client's physical abilities and performance in daily living and other life skills.
  • an evaluation of present and future needs together with recommendations on required equipment and /or adaptation together with costs.

Fee structure

Refer to fee structure.

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