Independent Occupational Therapist


Schedule of Special Damages

What does this include?

When preparing Schedules for Special Damages (SSD), Solicitors include several costs provided to them by either the client or people that they have instructed to prepare a report. Occupational Therapists provide extensive costs that include:

  • Gratuitous care

    This is a calculation of the amount of help received from others since the incident for daily living activities, shopping, dealing with finances etc. Depending on the family circumstances, future costs may need to be calculated for the provision of outside help.

  • Gardening /DIY /Decorating costs

    Any additional tasks now undertaken by others are identified and any appropriate percentage increase accounted for and submitted. Future costs are provided based on provision by external agencies.

  • Transportation costs

    This section includes any additional transport costs incurred by the immediate family or carers either for visiting the client whilst in hospital or transportation for treatment or any matters directly related to the injuries received in the incident

  • Items and equipment acquired or purchased since incident

    OT reports should identify any additional expenditure. Although items may be provided free, future supply cannot be guaranteed and these need to be identified and replacement costs provided. Other sources for items already purchased may be identified and a lesser replacement cost provided if applicable.

  • Items needed now

    Following an assessment of function, problem areas can be identified and appropriate solutions provided. Some items may be needed and sources, costs and replacement costs provided. Often minor adaptations are required. These can be identified and the full cost submitted by the client to the referring solicitor.

  • Future needs

    This can be sub-divided into short term (5-10 years) and longer term (10+ years). Again the capital cost and replacement schedule is provided.

    Precise calculation of cost

    With many claims the life multiplier is the key to the actual settlement received and it may be difficult to calculate an exact figure. I have seen many Schedules for Special Damages where the in-house cost accountant has miscalculated. Recently a software specialist has compiled spreadsheets to cross-check the calculation. In the following example you can input your own data in place of the blue text but the life multiplier has a fixed cell value (and therefore can not be changed).

    This interactive spreadsheet illustrates a typical set of items and costs.
    (You can alter the items highlighted in blue eg. Products, Prices, Settlement Date to see the effects on the overall costings.)

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