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Some of the articles up to February 2007 form the basis for my book:-
 'Promoting independence and activity in older people' which can be ordered from Quay Books

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July 2019 p19-23
Universal design: making everyday tasks easier
With creative design many items of equipment are now available on the high street to assist with quotidian tasks. Houses can be built to minimise access issues for people with mobility problems, thus avoiding future upheavals and the cost for future adaptations.

April-May 2019 p35-29
How to get the best out of bathing equipment
This article advises on how to ensure that bathing equipment is suitable for purpose, fits properly, is adjusted to an individual's needs and is used correctly.

January 2019 (38-42)
How to get the best out of mobility equipment
This three-part series explains how to ensure that equipment is suitable for purpose, used correctly and adjusted to an individual's needs. The first part discusses mobility equipment.

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