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Most of the articles written for 'Nursing & Residential Care' form the basis for my book which was  published in Spring 2007 by Quay Books.



Part 1: Transitions
Chapter 1 The journey into care
Chapter 2 Ageing

Part 2: Barriers
Chapter 3 Removing barriers
Chapter 4 Making care homes more accessible
Chapter 5 Turning gardens into multi-sensory experiences

Part 3: Different approaches
Chapter 6 The importance of assessment
Chapter 7 Doing things differently
Chapter 8 Assistive devices

Part 4: Supporting individuals with their personal care needs
Chapter 9 Personal hygiene
Chapter 10 Washing bodies
Chapter 11 Bathing
Chapter 12 Showering

Part 5: Supporting individuals in dressing
Chapter 13 Keeping up appearances: helping residents to dress
Chapter 14 When it's hard to dress: managing cognitive problems

Part 6: Helping individuals to eat and drink
Chapter 15 Food for thought: providing solutions to feeding problems

Part 7: Continence management
Chapter 16 Supporting individuals to go to the toilet
Chapter 17 Urinary continence

Part 8: Recreational activities
Chapter 18 The value of recreational activities
Chapter 19 Gardening: a pleasurable and beneficial activity
Chapter 20 Cognitive quietening: turning down the mind's clock
Chapter 21 Pampering and basic skin care

Part 9: Keeping mobile
Chapter 22 Helping individuals keep mobile
Chapter 23 Mobility appliances
Chapter 24 Movement to music

Part 10: Major disabilities and ways of minimising problems
Chapter 25 Understanding and reducing the risk of a stroke
Chapter 26 Strokes - what can care staff do?
Chapter 27 The effect of a stroke on daily living tasks
Chapter 28 Parkinson's disease
Chapter 29 Coping with the symptoms of Parkinson's disease
Chapter 30 Understanding multiple sclerosis
Chapter 31 Living with multiple sclerosis

Part 11: Rehabilitation
Chapter 32 The rehabilitation team
Chapter 33 Neurological treatment techniques

Part 12: The future
Chapter 34 Looking to the future
Chapter 35 Encouraging communication through 'surfing'

Book Chapters

Musculosketal Disorders - Chapter 39 (529-548) in Learning to Care
Pub Elsevier ISBN 978-0-7020-7605-3


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