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Falls Prevention in Care Homes

at the Fourth National Conference on Falls Prevention in Older People
on 12 March 2008 at 76 Portland Place London (Organised by Healthcare Events)

'Minimising risk and focusing on active health lifestyles'


Multiple factors can cause trips, slips and falls to occur. It is important to ascertain why, where and how a fall occurs; this understanding will underpin any intervention strategy for an individual.

This session focused on the extrinsic factors that can contribute to fall risks for residents, and visitors. Extrinsic fall factors can be minimised and within any residential setting, all staff should be aware of fall risks within the environment. 'Good housekeeping' policies can minimise environmental risks by the identification and removal of hazards within individual and communal rooms. The importance of ensuring adequate lighting and good circulation space was discussed.

How to ensure that mobility equipment is suitable for residents was explained. Assistive devices used in the prevention of falls or to detect if a fall has occurred were described and the use of telecare products explored.

The session provided practical ideas that apply to any setting, including a care home environment and emphasised the importance of maintaining mobility, levels of function and independence.

Single Assessment Process

1st National Conference - Nursing and Residential Care
at The Centennial Centre, Birmingham on 24th & 26th October 2004

'Changing the focus of care'


This session explored the background, aims and benefits of the Single Assessment Process (SAP) and what older people and careers can expect. It outlined assessment including the four types of assessment used in the SAP.

The National Service Framework for older people (Department of Health 2001) introduced SAP to improve services for older people. The principle is to ensure that the best help available is provided to older people when it is needed and to avoid duplication of assessment by the diverse agencies involved in their care.

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